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Happy Fall Ya’ll!

Today is the first full day of fall! It certainly looks it as it is dreary and blustery here, but once you get outside it is still very muggy. After Max took a school field trip to the pumpkin patch yesterday & brought home a cute little pumpkin. It will certainly be the first of many this year. Everytime we are out and see one with “character” we adopt it and find a place for it at home on the porch. Here for you are a selection of really gorgeous items to get you in the fall mood. Remember each one is handmade with love! We’d love to hear your feedback on what gets you in the mood for fall!













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Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland

Well, I recently heard about Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter. I just hope it’s not as totally creepy as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! They took a great movie and ruined it for me with that one. The movie comes out March 5, 2010. Alice is to be posed as a 17 year old in the movie.

Some official sounding verbage from Get The Big Picture:
After being a rumored project for who knows how long, Alice in Wonderland will finally get a live action film adaptation, courtesy of director courtesy of director Tim Burton, who is filming the movie now in England.

Plenty of actresses have been linked to the role in the past, but it’s going to be a relative unknown, Mia Wasikowska, who goes down the rabbit hole. Burton’s vision of the film includes motion capture once she enters Wonderland, while the rest of the film will be live action 3-D. And it was officially announced this week that Johnny Depp will be the Mad Hatter (although it had been unofficially announced months earlier).

mad hatter

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Eddie Ross on Etsy

Photo by Jaithan Kochar

Photo by Jaithan Kochar

Can I just say that I am surprised by Etsy just about every single day? They are just growing by leaps and bounds. More and more celebrities are not just shopping but selling on Etsy.

Today, I saw that Eddie Ross is now an Etsian. I just love this guy. You may have seen him on Martha or on Top Design. I love his decorating style and all of his ideas. If you don’t know of him yet, do yourself a favor and check his blog full of daily tips. He also has a cute housewares shop on Etsy. Every piece is under $100.

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Sugar & Spice Paperie featured on My Handmade Registry


We are pleased to be featured today on the front page of My Handmade Registry! This uber cool site allows you to register for handmade gifts without having to go to the store, dragging around your significant other for hours, and fighting with those stupid little scanner guns. Just click and add! Be sure to check it out!

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2008 Leapling Babies

Last year, when my midwife told me that my due date was going to be March 10. I knew I would never make it until then. #1 had been 10 days early and had been born on a full moon. There was a full moon toward to the end of February 2008 and we were on “baby watch” that week thinking he would probably come then. Contractions started, but baby was still a no show. My midwife send to to Labor & Delivery at the hospital 3 times that week and they kept sending me home because nothing was happening. As we got closer and closer to Leap Day, I was getting more and more nervous, I did not want a Leap Day baby. Yes, it’s a novelty, but I just forsaw a life time of problems. When he goes to kindergarten, all they post a calendar of everyone’s birthdays, he’s wouldn’t be on it. When you are filling out stupid little forms online, the drop down button on February never has the 29th listed. Too much trouble for me, I already have too many things to deal with already. So, when my water broke at 9:45 pm on February 28, I came to one conclusion, we have 2 hours to get this baby out, or he’s going to stay in for another 26 hours. Needless, to say, he arrived at 3:45 am on February 29, 2008. My little leapling. So for all those other mommies of leaplings, I feel your pain!

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Happy 2009!

From the staff here at Sugar & Spice Paperie we wish you a wonderful 2009. We hope your year be filled with love!

Riley, 9 months, and Max, 6 years.

Riley, 9 months, and Max, 6 years.

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