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Pretty Pink

So, I’m in the mood for Pink today. Here is a lovely collection of rosey items for you to enjoy. Each photo is clickable to take you to item listing. I hope you have a cheerfull day!







Did I forget to mention that all of these items were from etsy sellers that are part of my threadkiller? You can have the opportunity to have your etsy shop mentioned plus win free products! All of the details are available here.


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Wedding Season has officially begun!

The Love pinch cake topper, available from our store, $29.

The Love pinch cake topper, available from our store, $29.

Well, it’s January 5. It is now the official start to wedding season. I’m getting flooded with requests for ideas for invitations and the like. So I’m taking of my holiday hat and putting on my wedding hat. Of course, we’ll keep you posted to all the latest designs.

Can you guess what this year hot color is? Leave a comment with your guess. Everyone who guesses correctly will be entered into the raffle to win a set of notecards from us.

Stay tuned for the answer and the winner!

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