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2008 Leapling Babies

Last year, when my midwife told me that my due date was going to be March 10. I knew I would never make it until then. #1 had been 10 days early and had been born on a full moon. There was a full moon toward to the end of February 2008 and we were on “baby watch” that week thinking he would probably come then. Contractions started, but baby was still a no show. My midwife send to to Labor & Delivery at the hospital 3 times that week and they kept sending me home because nothing was happening. As we got closer and closer to Leap Day, I was getting more and more nervous, I did not want a Leap Day baby. Yes, it’s a novelty, but I just forsaw a life time of problems. When he goes to kindergarten, all they post a calendar of everyone’s birthdays, he’s wouldn’t be on it. When you are filling out stupid little forms online, the drop down button on February never has the 29th listed. Too much trouble for me, I already have too many things to deal with already. So, when my water broke at 9:45 pm on February 28, I came to one conclusion, we have 2 hours to get this baby out, or he’s going to stay in for another 26 hours. Needless, to say, he arrived at 3:45 am on February 29, 2008. My little leapling. So for all those other mommies of leaplings, I feel your pain!


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