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Pretty Pink

So, I’m in the mood for Pink today. Here is a lovely collection of rosey items for you to enjoy. Each photo is clickable to take you to item listing. I hope you have a cheerfull day!







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Marriage Symbolism

The rich symbolism of some marriage ceremonies bespeak to the personalities of the couples themselves. While some couples remain very unorthodox in their views, there are others still who find themselves looking to the traditions of their church and the rich symbolism that exists there.

For those who are of Egyptian descent, the rites and rituals of a Traditional Coptic Orthodox Ceremony are the perfect example.

A regular part of this very traditional and religious ceremony, involves the wearing of crowns and vestments by the bride and the groom. Before placing the crowns on the couple’s heads, the priest will hold the crown in the form of a cross and pray over them, symbolizing that they are the king and queen of their own kingdom within the Orthodox Church. The crowns also are intended to show that the couple, through the blessing of the wedding ceremony, have become crowns to one another.

Other elements of a Coptic Wedding Ceremony include Traditional Coptic Hymns which are performed with cymbals and triangles, which infuse the ceremony with a richness and otherworldly spiritual quality.

But don’t believe that a Coptic ceremony is all pomp and circumstance, without the frivolity and joy of a less traditional ceremony. Just like any other formal ritual, a lot of it depends on the individuals that perform such ceremonies.

If you have a very traditional view of marriage, and believe that by following the traditions of your culture and/or your religion that you will start your marriage out on the best foot possible, look to those symbols as the beginnings of your life together.

Our traditions and symbols are a part of who we are. While religious restrictions may prevent you from incorporating them fully into your own wedding ceremony, you can always find a way to acknowledge your past as you look to your future.

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Topsy Turvy Wedding Day

Add a little fun with your romance, this couple shares their wedding kiss on top of the cake. In stylish black and white the cake top goes with any color theme. From our web store, $34.98

Add a little fun with your romance, this couple shares their wedding kiss on top of the cake. In stylish black and white the cake top goes with any color theme. From our web store, $34.98

If you have always been the life of the party, and the last one to leave at the end of the night, saying goodbye to your guests at the end of your own wedding might prove to be quite difficult. To aid you in that departure, why not turn your wedding around and follow your reception with your ceremony?

Turning the tables on what is seen as the traditional schedule for a wedding, and reversing the order of your reception and ceremony means that the party can last as long as your bachelor days do.

To make this unique scheduling format work for you, invite your guests to a wedding-styled party, where you, your future husband and all of your attendants greet them at the door in typical receiving line splendor.

Following this meet and greet you can sit down with your guests for a relaxing “last meal” followed by the standard toasts and well-wishes.

When the dancing portion of your wedding gets underway, you can join in on all of the fun, and enjoy the party that is being held in your honor. As the evening or afternoon soiree begins to wind down, instruct your DJ or Master of Ceremonies to play one last song, where you and your groom can share one “last dance” before becoming husband and wife.

As the music winds down, the anticipation winds up, and the future bride and future groom lead their guests to their ceremony location where by the powers invested they become at last, husband and wife, ready to make their grand exit upon completion of the ceremony, straight to their honeymoon destination.

While this unorthodox approach might be too much for some to handle, its advantages include taking the worry and stress of the day away, by having some fun first before the serious part gets underway and also allows guests to focus in on the ceremony at hand and not at the party afterwards.

Once married, life has a tendency to settle into a mundane routine, why not shake things up a bit while you have the chance and turn your wedding upside down for a topsy turvy good time.

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